Welcome to Cinecam!

Welcome to Cinecam, the hub for all student filmmakers in Cambridge. Whether you are an aspiring director, actor, producer, writer or any of the countless roles that make up the film industry, you’ll fit right in at Cambridge’s largest filmmaking society.


As part of the massive upgrades that are being made to Cinecam this year, we have a brand-spanking new website, designed by the amazing John Bradshaw. On here, you’ll find lists of all our upcoming events, be able to discuss filmmaking questions on the forum and learn about upcoming projects.

For Cinecam members, you’ll also have access to a database of filmmakers in Cambridge (think Camdram for cinema), so if you are looking to build a team for a project, this will be the perfect place to go. As a member, you will also have access to our equipment database, and will be able to rent any equipment on our roster, so you’ll never find yourself short of a camera, tripod, sound kit and much more!

Membership costs just £10, which covers the costs of insurance for the equipment, and allows us to keep our equipment roster well-stocked and well-maintained. However, if you have any equipment that you would be happy to be included on our roster, the membership cost will be waived. Get in contact at….

Thanks, and look forwards to working with you all soon!

Mark Danciger, Co-President

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